Men’s Support Group

Announcing a great new partnership!

Christopher Velona from Project Sebastian will be hosting a men’s support group hosted by ANGEL AID.

ANGEL AID provides mental health and wellness services to rare families through sustainable psychosocial training, transformative retreats, and a connective caregiver-to-caregiver multilingual network. 

Project Sebastian has been providing group support meetings for the last two years and now we are partnering up with an amazing mental health group, specializing in caregiver support.  Join us on the second Saturday of each month at 11 AM. This is truly a different meeting for men. Parents siblings caregivers all are welcome. here we discuss all the difficult topics that you thought you were not allowed to discuss. participants will discover their vulnerable side and share the most difficult emotions so they can receive tools to help them become better men. Being a caretaker is an exhausting job. Taking care of a loved one or a family member is often reserved for women. However, there are many men in this role and they are often overlooked when it comes to getting the help they need to become better. As men society has taught us to not share our feelings, or show our emotions. “Throw some dirt on it and move on,” they say, “toughen up buttercup” and my favorite, “it could always be worse.”  Well, it’s time to break the stigma of what we thought and do something different. Be present. I hope to see you on one of these Saturdays and begin a new mindset toward mental and emotional wellness!

Join us on the second Saturday of each month for a one-hour closed men’s support group. The only requirement is that you are a man, caregiver, or parent of a caregiver or grandparent. Or maybe you are affected by someone that is suffering from a rare disease, that you care for. 


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